Nyaniba is an all rounded institution in the sense that, apart from the training and equipping students to bring smiles of health and solution to the lives of people, it is a Christian based college. The authorities have made a consented effort to give it students spiritual training by teaching them the word of God and having prayer meetings regularly.

A whole church programme is drawn semesterly to that effect and the onus lies on the chaplain to steer the affairs of moral and spiritual well being of the students with counseling. The whole concept and idea of initiating this by the authorities, is to ensure that the students who come out from the college, would not only come out as professional nurses but also as spiritually prepared individuals.

This is to bring out positive qualities from these students in the pursuit of their health education. The institution has a serene environment and also accommodation for students. It has spacious classrooms and hostel rooms that can accommodate a large number of students. The students are well disciplined morally, physically and spiritually.